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The production team at Baker Bros. consists of everyone from time to time, but the crew in the back is where the rubber meets the road. They are committed to making sure your job is produced to the highest quality standards and in a timely manner. If you want something customized, that's no problem. This team is here for you!

  • Lyle Funk

    Lyle has been at Baker Bros. since 1975 and has one of the most extensive knowledge bases around when it comes to paper, presses and how to make something work on the press. He is our go-to-guy when a job is ready for ink to hit the paper. He and his wife Elaine enjoy living in Hillsboro and being close to family and friends.

  • Matt Jost

    Matt is one of the "silent heroes" of the Baker Bros. Team. You might not hear from him or see him but he is there working his magic to create some truly great pieces or print for you. Whether it is running a press, or finishing out a 10' long sign, Matt is the man for the job.